Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Daily Herald: Your town. Your neighbors. Your Newspaper. - 0718 midwives:
(This was in the Utah County Daily Herald last month.)

"Although she has attended to 450 home births, her experiences delivering her own two children, Taylor, 7, and Sawyer, 5, were anything but comforting.

Complications during labor forced Smith to deliver both boys in the hospital via Cesarean section.

'I will always mourn those experiences. I'll always grieve the fact that they were C-sections and not vaginal births. I'll always be affected by the question of, 'Is there something wrong with my body?' '

She compares having a C-section to being awarded a gold medal as an Olympic athlete without participating in the event.

'I have my two gold medals and didn't get to compete,' she said. 'It will always be that way.'"

Wow. I feel really sorry for this woman--not because she had to have hospital birth, but that she "will always mourn those experiences"--the births of her sons. I hope that she doesn't think that makes or breaks her as a mother. Because that is really sad. I really don't think it matters how the child came into your life--home birth, hospital birth, adoption, marriage--it's how you raise you child.

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