Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina links

The disaster of Hurricane Katrina is still unfolding, but already there are amazing satellite pictures, provocative posts, and interesting retrospectives. Here are just a few I found interesting:

Sat pix animated
Before and afters
More sat pix (not animated)
The Big One
Should we rebuild?
"Nature's revenge"

Updated (Sept 1, 10:30pm)
CNN before and after sat pix

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Ken said...

Why are there so many refugees that have absolutly no support system besides the government? The disillusion of the family has hit many of these people hard. It is family that provides a support system during extreme crisis. The only entity these people can turn to is the government, and as this calamity proves, reliance on the state will always be inadequate.

Many of the refugees have spent their entire lives in the city, and know no one outside who can help or take them in. Those with families and friends outside the city either left before the hurricane or soon after, because they had a place to go. They did not have to wait for the government to come in.