Thursday, October 27, 2005

Scalia is smarter than me

Antonin Scalia is a good and interesting writer. I just read a book review he wrote which was essentially an explanation of his legal/constitutional philosophy. He argues (astonishingly) that words have actual meaning, irrespective of the intent of the speaker. We must interpret the meaning of the words in the law rather than trying to judge what some ideal legislator might have wanted the law to say. Like I said, Scalia is smarter than me, so read the piece if you want it straight from the justice's mouth.

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Charley Foster said...

I meant to thank you some time ago for posting this review. I love Scalia's writing and his brilliance. You should look into his short book, A Matter of Interpretation. He presents a great, concise history of our common law court system before laying out his originalist method of interpreting law.