Sunday, May 14, 2006

John Jacob Isn't Clear on Definition of GOP Convention

According to the Deseret Morning News, John Jacob made a goofy comment after getting a higher percentage of the delgate vote than incumbent Chris Cannon at the state GOP convention.
"The delegates sent a message to Washington that they will replace a
Republican with another Republican if they don't get the job done."
Did Jacob think they were going to nominate a Democrat in the Repubican Convention?


Bradley Ross said...

It is always a hard choice for me: person or party. In a very real way, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Nancy Pelosi. We musn't vote solely on party affiliation, but I feel it should be part of the calculus.

I haven't decided if I support Cannon or Jacob yet for the GOP nomination.

Anonymous said...

I think you miss the point that future Congressman Jacob understands very well: there are alot of Republican congressman (like the rather sleazy Chris Cannon) who feel free to ignore the will of their constituents because they are in "safe" districts.

98% of congressman who run for re-election win. US House districts today are beset by two problems: 1)very effective gerrymandering made possible by the computer age, and 2) the fact that we all seem to be living more among people who are just like us.

A district that went 75% for George Bush isn't likely to put a Democrat in the House. But if they're unhappy, there's another alternative: throw out the current Republican and replace him with a different one. That might put the fear of God into congress.

Anonymous said...

"Did Jacob think they were going to nominate a Democrat in the Repubican Convention?"

No, Jacob didn't think they were going to nominate a Democrat. He understands that an incumbent fears losing his job - it doesn't matter whether it's to a member of his own party or to someone of the opposing party. And that's what Republican incumbents nationwide will feel if Cannon loses on the 27th. The Wall Street Journal understands that, too. They have a greta article on the race in OpinionJournal today:

Anonymous said...

*great - not greta

Anonymous said...

John Jacob is an Eagle Mountain businessman, and there have been several Eagle Mountain people providing dirt to the Chris Cannon campaign hoping they will get the truth out about him. Cannon's camp is refusing to go dirty, but if you don't like Cannon, vote for the Democrat. You do not want Jacob in office. I was at their debate, and all the questions were on immigration. Jacob doesn't really seem to know much about Washington DC. Burrdige wasn't bad, but the Libertarian guy made a fool of himself by saying he wants to lower the voting age to 16.