Monday, October 02, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out Michael Reagan

I sometimes hear Michael Reagan on the radio in the evening. I think his popularity stems primarily from the fact that he is Ronald Reagan's son. Well, now that the Gipper is gone, you should be aware of a relative of our current president: me.

Yes, you read that right. I'm related to the president of the United States. Feel free to send Christmas cards with cash to try to get in my good graces so I can put in a good word for you with the Commander-in-Chief.

Thanks to the Relationship Finder (ht), I now know that I am the 11th cousin of George W. Bush, twice removed. Yet another item add to my ever-growing list of claims to fame.


Tyler Farrer said...

I made the mistake of checking all boxes on my report, so I having been waiting for 10 minutes now.

Tyler Farrer said...

Okay, so I'm chopped liver, but my wife is descended directly from no less than 75 Emperors, Kings, and Queens. An additional 20 are great, great...uncles and aunts.

She may never get dishwasher hands again.

Bradley Ross said...

I love those comments, Tyler.

I should note that I'm also a 9th cousin of Gordon B. Hinckley, twice removed. That one didn't show up in the relationship finder (must be missing some data for my grandparents), but I figured out the connection after reading some information in his biography that I recognized from my own family history.