Sunday, May 20, 2007

NY Times: Democrats Cause Global Warming!

According to a Saturday editorial in the New York Times, Democrats are causing global warming! Who'd have thought? According to the Times, "Energy-gluttonous cities account for three-fourths of greenhouse gas emissions the world over." Hmmm. Which party is it that controls and populates most of the big cities...

But seriously, I wonder if the Times meant to say "three-fourths of man made greenhouse gas emissions." I don't know if we have hard numbers, but I've read that the overwhelming majority of greenhouse gases are naturally produced. (Even water vapor is a greenhouse gas.)


Anonymous said...

It is actually considered "libel" to title your post this way.

I read the article, the NT Times says no such thing.

Maybe you were making a joke. If so, just thought you should be aware of the legalities (as an attorney, I try to help where I can... too many unnecessary lawsuits as it is). If you weren't making a joke, then ignore me, and immediately return to being as politically, morally, and socially retarded as yor blog makes you look.


Anonymous said...

The title is, in fact, considered libel, and it is illegal.

Unfortunately, being an idiot is not.

Bradley Ross said...


I welcome diverse comments on this site, but you demonstrate poor manners. Evidence from my server logs suggest that you wrote both of the above comments, though the Blogger system makes it impossible to know for sure.

I had assumed that a person of average intelligence would successfully parse the joke. If you don't find it funny, you don't have to stick around. The second paragraph of the post, beginning with "but seriously" was meant to serve as a transition between silly and serious material. Sorry if you missed the joke.

Of course, the assertion that Democrats cause global warming is no more defamatory (or useful) than the claim that short people or vegetarians or bikers cause global warming. If humans are causing global warming, we're all in it together.

Keryn said...

I have to close the comments on this post because of comment spam. If you have something you'd like to add (at this late date), feel free to email me, I'll add it.