Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poll Giddy

I always feel so cool when I get called to participate in an opinion poll. There is something so satisfying about a total stranger calling you and asking you about things that you're actually conversant with; as opposed to people asking me sports questions which leave me clueless.

I was asked about the Cannon v. Chaffetz race. I'm currently leaning towards Cannon. I'm not aware of any votes he's taken on major issues that I disagree with. He seems to have a reasonable and thoughtful position on immigration issues.

I don't have anything against Chaffetz, but I don't have any reason to throw Cannon out since I feel he's doing well.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

This is the problem all challengers face, especially in primary races. Voters will not toss out the incumbent unless they are extremely upset with him/her.

After all, why throw the known factor over board in favor of a less known factor? Better to keep the devil we know than take a chance on an unproven quantity that might prove worse.

Some folks truly have their knickers in a twist about Cannon. But most voters probably feel just as you do. Therefore, I believe that the outcome of this election will ultimately be similar to Cannon's last primary challenge. He will return to Congress next January.