Monday, September 01, 2008

Glass Ceilings

I just read something that...well, ticked me off. Don't ask me why this of all things set me off, but it did:
It's[the Palin VP pick] a cornucopia of paradox: Her candidacy is somehow supposed to be a glass-ceiling-shattering inspiration, even though she actively opposes feminist causes like equal pay and reproductive choice. (Dana Stevens, Slate's XX Factor blog)
As if the glass ceiling and the excitement of a woman's accomplishment only exists for those who support reproductive "choice" (let's not be cute over what Ms. Stevens means by that, okay?).


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ShelleyG said...

I have been shocked at how the abortion issue is the ultimate litmus test for a woman candidate. It is hugely troubling to me that feminists refuse to support a woman over this one choice. Why can't women CHOOSE to protect the most vulnerable in our society? I thought the women's movement was supposed to free women to pursue their lives in whatever manner they desired (including staying home and being a mom). I am saddened at the open discrimination so many feminists heap on women with conservative or traditional inclinations.