Friday, October 09, 2009

A Few Nobel Suggestions

The game is over for this year's Nobel Peace Prize competition. President Obama beat out contenders like Piedad Cordoba (Colombian senator that has helped free hostages), Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad (Jordanian professor who has fostered interfaith tolerance and dialog), Sima Samar (Afghan human rights activists), and 202 other nominees.

If the prize committee isn't aware of enough people with previous accomplishments, perhaps I can name a few for their consideration for next year. This list is just off the top of my head; surely with a little pondering you can augment the list with other worthies.

  • Bill Clinton. He didn't do so well as president, but since then he seems to be working hard with his Clinton Global Initiative. I'll bet there are a raft of accomplishments there we can cite in the nomination letter.
  • Bono. He's invested his fame heavily into promoting good causes.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates. Their work against malaria has been particularly noteworthy.
  • WWII veterans. Go with the large group concept that Time pioneered with their Person of the Year award in 2006. These soldiers sacrificed a lot to bring peace to the world. Sure it hasn't been perfect, but it was no small thing. Before the rest of them die off, let's give them this final honor.
  • Napoleon Dzombe. Yeah, you've never heard of him, but the stuff he's accomplished is remarkable.
  • George W. Bush. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that having Saddam off the world stage is a good step in the cause of peace.
  • Margaret Thatcher. Her health is failing, but she is the last of the trio, including Ronald Reagan and John Paul II, who did so much to resist the march of communism and help bring it down.
If none of those are good enough, and you need something more aspirational, perhaps you can select my kids. They bring such a huge smile to my face that perhaps they could bring world peace if I just shared them with the world.


rmwarnick said...

If George W. Bush got the Nobel Peace Prize, he would be the second war criminal to be so honored-- Henry Kissinger was the first.

Keryn said...

I'm not going to address the idea of George W. Bush or Henry Kissinger as war criminals, but you couldn't even include Yasser Arafat? If you want to talk war criminals, it seems he should be at the TOP of the list.