Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Advisory Board Election

It is time to cast your votes (one ballot per person please!) for the Utah Bloghive Advisory Board. Five of the following candidates will be elected to serve on the board. Anyone is welcome to vote. (After all, how could I stop them?) My hope is that the board will represent a diversity of opinions. Toward that end, I've put together a poll that allows you to rank these candidates in the order of your preference. It is an example of "Instant Runoff Voting" or "Preference Voting". I'm a big fan of the principle.

To vote, visit the following link and rank the candidates. I really encourage you to check out the link at the bottom of the poll to understand how it works.


Here is a recap of the final candidates you're voting on and their blogs. Their names are in alphabetical order below and in randomized order on the ballot. (The poll doesn't have links to the blogs, so I provide them here for convenience.)

The polls are open through Monday, December 3, 2007. I'll announce the winners on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Please don't turn control of a great service over to democratic political types. I know them, and I'm worried. If you do, please make sure the board is balanced so your site doesn't get gamed.

Bob said...

I hereby promise to remain fair and balanced when it comes to running the Bloghive as a member of the Advisory Board.

-Bob Aagard
The World, Accoriding to Me

Jesse Harris said...

Anonymous: I don't think anyone's worried about gaming. The list of nominees reads like a "Who's Who" of Utah political blogging. These guys got nominated because they have a good reputation for fairness and honesty.

And what's with the cheap partisan jab? That's totally lame.

The Senate Site said...

To be accurate and fair anonymous should have included both parties. Gamesmanship doesn't seem to be the exclusive domain of either side of the aisle, but it is important that they/we refrain if this site is going to mean anything.

I think commitment from those involved and vigilance from those effected should should be enough.

Thanks, Bob, for the campaign promise. I already voted or I would add you a little higher on my list (you were pretty high, anyway).