Monday, December 03, 2007

Explaining the Vote

There have been a few questions about how a preference choice election works. As you know, we are using a preference choice voting system for our Bloghive Advisory Board election that closes tonight. I'm such a fan of the voting system that I was glad to have an opportunity to let others try it out firsthand.

I created a video clip to explain how the voting system works. The biggest mistake people have made in interpreting the results of the election was to only look at the "first round" and assume the top five vote getters were the five winners. You've got to scroll all the way to the last round of the results page to see who the winners are.

Here are the current results for the election. Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to cast ballots in the poll without affecting the outcome, just to see how your vote would be counted. It is a really fun exercise. The video is below. Click this to see a slightly larger version.


Keryn said...

Excellent explanation!

JM Bell said...

that was a great explanation ... so ... when does the electoral community college present our votes to the Bloghive Congress? Is that next?


Keryn said...

Oooh, ooh! I nominate myself to be the Bloghive Congress. As wife, I "advise" Bradley on decisions, and I "consented" to this project.

Whaddya think?