Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bloghive Advisory Board

If there is sufficient interest, I'd like to form a Bloghive Advisory Board. Here is the vision. We'll form a five member board that votes on administrative issues for the bloghive site. When new sites are recommended for the bloghive, the board will vote to decide on inclusion. The board will also decide the categorization of each new blog.

Being on the board won't be very time consuming; it is mostly just an email list. I'd like the board to be composed of bloggers currently on the site from across the spectrum. The site should continue to aggregate political content from the broad diversity of opinions represented in our state. I want to continue to have the site focus on political commentary rather than on personal or entertainment commentary.

If you would like to nominate a blogger to serve on the board, send an email to I'll collect nominations for one week and then I'll put up an online poll for one week to allow people to vote. You're welcome to nominate yourself or other bloggers you like to read. I'll get permission from the blogger before I include them in the election. Assuming I can contact all the candidates, we'll post the poll the Monday after Thanksgiving.

What are you waiting for? Send your nominations!

Comment below or send me an email to accept your nomination, or else I'll try to track you down later. Names with a * have accepted the nomination.

* Bob Aagard (The World According To Me)
* Craig Limesand (KVNU's For the People)
* David Miller (Pursuit of Liberty)
* Ethan Millard (SLC Spin)
* Frank Staheli (Simple Utah Mormon Politics)
* Jesse Harris (Coolest Family Ever)
* JM Bell (um... JM Bell)
* pramahaphil (Green Jello)
* Ric Cantrell (The Senate Site)
* Rob Miller (Utah Amicus)
* Scott Hinrichs (Reach Upward)
* Steve Urquhart (Steve Urquhart)
* Tom Grover (KVNU's For the People)


steve u. said...

Thanks for running the Bloghive. It is a great service.

Jeremy said...

I nominate Jesse Harris (I'm hoping it isn't too late).

He has the technical knowledge and blogging experience.

Rob said...

Why not put all these people on your board, they all have something to share.

Rob said...

BTW, I too enjoy Hot Blava and the Bloghive.

Keep up the great work.

Bradley Ross said...

Rob, opening decisions up to a larger audience may not be a bad idea. However, I think most decisions can be more quickly made by a smaller group. Perhaps the board will decide to open lots of questions up to online polls. I'm okay with that direction, but I'd still like to have a board for the week-to-week decisions. (I was going to write "day to day", but we don't really change that rapidly around here.)

More importantly, if you get elected, think of the resume booster it will be! :)

Craig said...

I'm shocked, shocked to see my name on the nomination list. I accept!

Rob said...

I accept.

Rob said...
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The Senate Site said...

Good list. Almost feels like a family reunion.

How about adding Green Jello, Voice of Utah, and Ed Partridge to the mix? Their independence and candlepower would fit well with this group.


The Senate Site said...

Steve Urquhart too, if it's not too late. He's faster than a deer.

Misty Fowler said...

This is a wonderful idea!

Bradley Ross said...

I received the following email from Ed Partridge about his nomination:

Brad, with regret I must decline the nomination (but please thank Ric...I am indeed honored). I have decided to retire from the blogging ranks to pursue other opportunities.

Ed Partridge