Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bloghive Board Announced

The results are in! A new Bloghive Advisory Board has been elected. It was interesting to watch the results shift as the week of voting went on. If I didn't want people to learn how the voting system worked, I would have hidden the results until the end of the election to keep people from gaming the results. Having said that, I do trust that the results of this election are a good representation of the opinion of the users of the utahbloghive.org site.

The winners, in order of election:

Rob Miller (Utah Amicus)
JM Bell (JM Bell)
Tom Grover (KVNU's For the People)
Jesse Harris (Coolest Family Ever)
pramahaphil (Green Jello)

If you want to review how the ballots were distributed, view the detailed results page.

Congratulations to the winners! I'm looking forward to working with you on this project. Will each of you please send an email to bloghive@lavalane.org with the email address you want to use for our communications as a board. Perhaps the thing I'm most excited about is being able to finally figure out how to pronounce pramahaphil--or figure out what it means. :)


Scott Hinrichs said...

Congrats. Thanks for your willingness to serve.

The Senate Site said...

Congrats all. Good luck.

Bradley Ross said...

I should formally mention the runners-up as well. The people at the top of this list were the closest to being elected:
Bob Aagard (The World According To Me)
Scott Hinrichs (Reach Upward)
Ric Cantrell (The Senate Site)
Craig Limesand (KVNU's For the People)
Steve Urquhart (Steve Urquhart)
Frank Staheli (Simple Utah Mormon Politics)
Ethan Millard (SLC Spin)
David Miller (Pursuit of Liberty)