Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A problem with the anti-death penalty advocates

In Stolen Innocence, Bridget Johnson makes a compelling point regarding anti-death penalty advocates. In many cases, those who are advocating for a stay of execution have been manipulated by the criminals, protesting their innocence, and claiming conspiracy or the like--instead of arguing against the death penalty on moral reasons. It's a convincing, well written article.


Guy Murray said...


I haven't read Stolen Innocence; however, I am against the death penalty in all cases. Not because the criminals are necessarily innocent--but because I don't trust the state to get it right or to be necessarily fair. And, when I say fair, I mean that money buys the best justice available (just as it buys the best anything available). My point I guess is that it is inherently unfair for a guy like O.J. Simpson to be walking the golf courses in Florida looking for the real killers, while Tookie Williams is now pushing up daisys. I blogged about Tookie Williams on my personal blog here at

I also set forth in greater detail why I personally oppose the death penalty, but for differing reasons than some of the criminals do.

Nice blog!

Keryn said...

Thanks for commenting, Guy! I went to your post and wrote a little of what I thought, but you make an excellent point about "fairness" when money is involved.

Thanks for the compliment, too. I'm excited to read more of your blog, now that I have found it.

Guy Murray said...


Yes I saw you stopped by. Thanks for leaving a note. I like political blogs. At one time I thought politics was pretty important. Now I just find it amusing. Both political parties lack what the Gospel provides, a true plan and guide for life.