Sunday, October 17, 2004

Hannity Insanity

What a rip-off! Outrage over a planned visit of Michael Moore to Utah Valley State College, where Keryn teaches geology occasionally, prompted a visit by Sean Hannity. Hannity agreed to waive his speaking fee to come and rebut (in advance?) Moore's speech. He only asked that the school's donors cover his travel expenses. When the tab came to $50,000, a lot of people, including me, were furious. He charged the school for three legs of a journey that included his travel to the third presidential debate in Arizona. He was coming here anyway. It would have been reasonable to charge for the accommodations (if any) while he was here and for the price of his flight from Utah to Arizona. Asking donors to pay for his debate coverage travel is shameful. I'm told the money didn't come from student fees, but that's no excuse for this outrage.

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