Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rove is the Devil? Show me the brimstone.

The Salt Lake Tribune had an article written by a high school classmate of Karl Rove. Of course Rove spent some time in high school here in Utah. I eagerly jumped into the article, hoping to gleam some interesting insights. While I did learn some things about Rove I hadn't known before, I didn't get anything meaty from the piece. Instead, the author falls back on silly claims. His only solid accusation of a Rove "dirty trick" was this : "For Karl, winning is the only goal and the tactics used have no ethical, moral, factual or even legal restraint. The latest edition of Rove's smear campaigns came in the form of the Swift Boat Veterans' now totally discredited version of John Kerry's Vietnam service. It did what smear campaigns always do. It diverted attention away from what really matters. "

Dr. Brian Moench, the author of the piece, really owes his readers something more substantial. I was looking forward to the meal that never arrived.


Anonymous said...

Well either your blind or ------! Karl was Donald Segretti's assistant in the Nixon administration! Segretti taught Karl all of the "dirty tricks" he knows. You do know who Segretti was dont you??? Also Karl's grandfather was a NAZI (matter of public record). Karl changed his name to "Rove" to escape this damning revelation! Karl admires president (R) McKinley and more specifically his wealthy industrialist "adviser" Mark Hannah. Remember that McKinley was a war president that led us to an unecessary Spanish-American War, manipulated the public, and politics. He was also assasinated...

Karl is a Mormon (yikes!)


Keryn said...


I realize the futility of trying to counter any of these well-documented claims...but I just can't let one of them go.

Karl Rove is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what Church he belongs to, Karl Rove is most certainly going to hell.