Sunday, October 24, 2004

"How am I hurting your marriage?"

The most common and difficult question to answer from proponents of gay "marriage" has been this: "How does the state recognizing my love and marriage lessen your love or marriage. An article in the Salt Lake Tribune, by Paul Mero, provides a succint answer: "During the audience question period a young lady pointedly asked me why her 'two moms' were considered a threat to traditional marriage. Great question!

This young lady seemed to be bright and healthy and clearly informed about the world around her. She looked like the beneficiary of two moms. She looked loved. And so I responded honestly - as far as I knew, her two moms were no threat to my family or anyone else's family. But then I told her that such sentiments have nothing to do with Amendment 3.

Amendment 3 is only concerned with the public policy of marriage. It represents the state interest in marriage. It has nothing - nothing - to do with the personal relationships with which we all live. Proof of this is most obvious when we consider that homosexuals may freely marry in all 50 states, in any of the churches or belief systems that bless such relationships, and that homosexuals, just like any other two individuals, are free to enter into private, legal contracts sharing their personal and economic lives. Amendment 3 is not about those relationships. It only regards the state interest in marriage."

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