Thursday, October 21, 2004

KSL debate between Beau Babka and Chris Cannon

Cannon was asked about the record deficits. He responded that we just need to make government more efficient. Is he kidding? That’s not going to put much of a dent in a budget composed largely of entitlement spending. That can’t be the answer he really believes. Is this where it has to lead as the majority party pushing the pork?

Babka hasn’t said anything very impressive thus far. Particularly, his answer about the Federal Marriage Amendment was weak. He started picking on the proposed Utah amendment (Amendment 3) and showed that he doesn’t seem to understand the ramifications of the amendment very well.

Babka does present himself well. I haven’t agreed with one of his stated positions yet, though I think he seems like a credible contender. I didn’t have that impression before this debate. He advocates strengthening out borders and was willing to denounce illegal immigration. Many are unwilling to do so. Cannon’s answer on this question was just to say, “75% of people agree with my position when it is explained to them.” But what is your position?!

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