Saturday, April 29, 2006

County Convention Update 3: The Sqeeze

Keryn just tried to get into the senate district caucus meeting. There is no race in our district, so she figured it would be pretty empty. Wrong. The classroom was so full that people were pouring out the door. She could hear anything, so she won't be participating in that meeting.

Sounds like the planners didn't do a good job anticipating the needs in the various venues in this case. First of all, for any gathering of more than 40 people there should probably be some sort of amplification provided. Second, venues should be large enough to accomodate a large crowd without getting in trouble with the fire marshall.

We've seen this on a smaller scale with some of the local caucus meetings. When we lived in Orem for the community caucus meeting two years ago, they had the same thing where way too many people were crowded into a high school classroom.

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