Saturday, April 29, 2006

Last Minute County Convention Prep

Last night, both Keryn and I were in bed. Keryn was busily making notes about the various county candidates in preparation for her participation in this morning's GOP Utah county convention.

She had mostly put away the big stack of papers that she had received and she was reviewing websites and emails. I started to encourage her to go to sleep, knowing that she had to get up to the convention before 8:00 AM.

At 10:53 pm, an email arrived from Jeff Buhman. In it he said, "For those who awake at this hour...." We both got a good chuckle. It sounds like Buhman wasn't all the way awake when he wrote it. It must be a difficult few weeks leading up to the convention for active candidates.

I wonder how many country delegates will get a chance to read that email before the votiong occurs. Probably not many. But luckily for Buhman, we're technology addicted and the laptop follows us into bed. I'll look forward to getting Keryn's report on the convention and what it is like.

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