Saturday, April 29, 2006

County Convention Update 5: The Main Session

Keryn couldn't phone me during the main session. Here are the text messages from her as they arrived. My comments are in square brackets [].

9:47 AM: OK. In auditorium. Gonna be hot in here.

9:50 AM: We spent the time before talking about who we are voting for. [I think they were supposed to start the main session at 9:30, so it looks like the main session is already a bit behind schedule. So much for the earlier punctuality!]

9:58 AM: Wow. Payson High School Pipe Band is amazing.

10:06 AM: Attending, 1119. 94%

10:13 AM: Oooh. Hellewell lost! The nasty anon letter backlash got him. [More info. Someone started an anonymous note saying things about Margaret Dayton, one of Hellewell's opponent. It is too bad for Hellewell that something he probably had no part in had to end up biting him. But perhaps it will be a lesson to those who think they can help a candidate by sliming his opponent.]

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